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Ghostbusters available to Euro Xbox owners

360 version of Atari game confirmed region-free in US - Import away!

Good news for Xbox owners looking for some Ghostbusting; the North American version of Euro PS3 exclusive, Ghostbusters - The Videogame has been confirmed region-free by various retailers in the States, so import away!

A deal penned by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe earlier this year meant that the Atari game would be PlayStation exclusive this side of the pond until later in the year.

With US 360 copies lacking any protection what-so-ever though, it's just case of hooking up with your favourite importer if you want to play it on Xbox this summer.

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There's no such luck with the Wii version which is region locked like a safe in territories outside Europe, so those looking forward to that version will probably have to sit it out until Christmas.

Ghostbusters, the European version, is out on PS3 and PS2 on June 19.

Thanks, Destructoid.