Revisited: 8 Big E3 Rumours

Were we right, or were we wrong?

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Did it happen? Crysis 2; check. StarCraft/Diablo release dates; no. Valve's new game; check. Half-Life 2: Episode Three; no check.

Verdict: Two out of four isn't bad.

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PS3 Slim
We said: "Sony's second hardware vision is this suspicious-looking 'slim' PlayStation 3 that supposedly leaked from a hardware factory in Asia. They look dodgy but a barrage of mysterious cease and desist orders that've since been mailed out to websites hosting the pictures suggest there's more to this story. After all, you don't send legal warnings over fake photographs, do you?"

Did it happen? Well... no. Despite turning out to be a complete no show at Sony's E3 press conference, the PS3 Slim is still looking very real indeed. We reckon Sony's likely looking to clear out its remaining stock of fat PlayStations over the summer, before dropping the PS3's skimpier sister later in the year. After all, announcing an updated piece of hardware last week would hardly have done current PS3 sales any favours.

Verdict: Down, but not out.

Rumour: Xbox Motion
We said: "The Xbox 360 'Wii Remote' is the rumour that just won't die. Last year industry chatter suggested that Microsoft was set to unveil its own motion-sensing aspirations at E3 - but it didn't happen. This year looks far more likely though, with even the Wall Street Journal reporting that the platform holder will show a motion-sensing camera in Los Angeles. It's going to be an interesting Xbox press conference."

Did it happen? The general rule is if it's a 'leak' on the internet that's supposedly come out of Microsoft, then it's definitely real. The Xbox 360 motion cam, or 'Project Natal' as we can now call it, is no exception. See the ambitious bit of kit in action here.

Verdict: Smile - you're on camera!

This video is no longer available

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