Revisited: 8 Big E3 Rumours

Were we right, or were we wrong?

The press discs are empty, the t-shirts are on eBay and our fingers are beginning to heal; E3 2009 is definitely over.

Just before last week's events we trawled through the blogs and twitters of the gaming world to bring you 8 Big E3 Rumours.

So now that the Los Angeles Convention Centre has been cleared for the Boat Show or whatever it's making a home for next, we thought we'd revisit the big rumours to see what came out right and what was wide of the mark.

Rumour: Kojima's new game
We said: "Old Hideo's been busy teasing his next game on the internet this month, and there's a lot of talk that it could (finally) turn out to be an updated version of Metal Gear Solid 4 for Xbox 360. Kojima's not heading just one game at the moment though, and increased speculation has spiralled from his discussions over working with a Western developer. Could we see two games from the MGS man in the next year?"

Did it happen? Yes and no. Predicating a new game from Kojima at the show wasn't a risky bet considering he was plastering teaser sites with big Es and 3s all over the internet. We didn't get MGS4 360 (again) but we did see the reveal of Metal Gear Solid: Rising for all platforms, MGS: Peace Walker for PSP and the heavily rumoured Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Verdict: Score!

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Rumour: XBLA Retro Explosion
We said: "Xbox Live Arcade's 2009 line-up is already off to a brilliant start with Monkey Island and Wolfenstein both having leaked onto the net. But we've heard that even more retro goodness is due to grace the service, with internet reports claiming that the original Perfect Dark - and perhaps even more Rare classics - are on the way. We're holding out for Killer Instinct like the rest of you. Until then keep your eyes on Microsoft's press conference for anything to do with this."

Did it happen? It was more of a fizz than an explosion. Perfect Dark XBLA was confirmed but even that was saved for an underwhelming announcement on Major Nelson's Twitter. We've got a feeling that there's still plenty more retro goodness hitting XBLA in 2009 that's still under wraps... we're just going to have to wait a bit longer until we hear about it.

Verdict: Yes but there's more to come.

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