Uncharted 2 Beta Impressions

Hands-on: Off to a good start

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The new grenade-throwing controls transform the mini explosives from useless pocket-fillers to very useful frag earners if used correctly. There's none of that Sixaxis rubbish like the first game - you just aim the arch of your grenade throw with the right analogue stick. Simple, perfect.

There's a ranking system in there, which applies to both co-op and competitive modes, and levelling up gives you access to perks, or 'Boosters'. You get two slots in which to assign boosters, which range from increased accuracy with certain weapons or when blind firing, to boosted ammo supplies or enlarged clips.

It all comes together to form a pretty entertaining multiplayer blast. And so far we've had little-to-no problems with lag either, which is pretty good for an early beta. We don't expect it to topple the Call of Duty games from their online thrones, but once you've blasted through the single-player quest it will be a more then suitable extension of the game's longevity.

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