Study says gamers sleep less

CVG says sleep is for the weak...

Gamers who play for more than seven hours a week sleep less than casual or non-gamers, a new study has claimed.

According to research presented at the wicked-sounding SLEEP 2009 event, 'hardcore' gamers sleep less during weekdays and experience all-round greater sleepiness.

So Nintendo really could be on to a winner with that Wii sleeping game.

"Excessive" gamers have significantly poorer sleep hygiene and sleep less on weekdays than other gamers, says the study, which claims to have found "a significant positive correlation" between the hours of game play and sleepiness. Probably because "excessive" gamers are playing WoW at two in the morning instead of getting shut-eye.

Gamers who reported that their gaming interfered with sleep slept for 1.6 hours less than other gamers, it says, while those who "claimed to be addicted" to gaming slept one hour less on weekdays.

"Our statistics revealed that those who admitted addiction scored higher on the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (sleepiness)," said investigator Amanda Woolems. "It surprised us, however, that of the people who admitted being addicted to gaming, only about a third of them recognized an interference with their sleep."

Sleep is for the weak. We power on.