NFS: Shift gets 'driver profiles'

New instalment to track player "personality" and achievements

EA has released details on Need for Speed Shift's 'driver profiles', which will track the "personality" and achievements of NFS players.

Driver profiles are integrated into both single and multi-player modes, and give each Shift player a unique game experience based on the way they drive on the track, says EA.

As a player's driver profile develops through the course of the game, it creates rivalries, triggers specific challenges and unlocks vehicles and customisation options.

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"Driver profile is a tailor-made career mode based on four key game play components," the publisher says.

  1. "Personality - a player's driving style determines whether they are an aggressive or precise driver.
  2. "Success - as in every race, the ultimate goal is to finish at the top of the podium.
  3. "Profile points - every car passed, every corner mastered, every opponent taken out generates profile points.
  4. "Badges - these unique icons bring individuality and style to each player's driver profile, as each player races and completes top achievements."

    Lovely. Need for Speed: Shift is out on September 18.