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Grasshopper working on "risky" PS3 game

"We might go bankrupt", says president of publisher, Marvelous

Grasshopper, the developer behind mental Wii game No More Heroes, is apparently continuing its bonkers trend by making a "risky" PS3 title that has publisher Marvelous Entertainment worried.

"If we do that [game] we might go bankrupt," said Marvelous president Yasuhiro Wada, apparently while laughing (did the translator get this right?).


"We are making it, but if we make everything then it's a little too risky," he went on to tell Siliconera. He held back on actual game info though, "because it's secret we can't really go into details."

Grasshopper has previously talked of a PS3 title it has in development called Kurayami, which apparently means "darkness" in Japanese.

Any ideas?