Dev responds to 'inferior' PS3 Ghostbusters

"You cannot directly compare [them] unless you scale them properly", says Terminal Reality

Ghostbusters: The Videogame developer Terminal Reality has issued a statement following suggestions that the PS3 version runs at a lower resolution to the 360's.

Despite Terminal Reality previously talking up the Infernal Engine for its proficiency on PS3, the PS3 version appears to be noticeably blurrier.

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Terminal Reality has responded: "For the record, the PS3 version [of Ghostbusters] is softer due to the 'quincunx' antialiasing filter and the fact we render at about 75% the resolution of the 360 version.

"So you cannot directly compare a screen shot of one to the other unless you scale them properly," added the spokesperson.

"The PS3 does have less available RAM than the 360 - but we managed to squeeze 3 out of 4 textures as full size on the PS3," they told Joystiq.

Well, that's okay then. Erm...