Most UK broadband users "dissatisfied"

A survey says, "UK broadband "still failing to meet consumer expectations"

58.6 percent of UK consumers are not satisfied with the broadband speed they receive from their internet service providers.

The statistic is claimed by the latest ISPreview report, which found that more than half of UK broadband users quizzed would be willing to pay more for "significantly faster" performance. We'd settle with getting what we pay for.

Survey chief Mark Jackson said the results suggest that existing UK broadband services "are still failing to meet consumer expectations.

"Ofcom's voluntary Code of Practice (CoP) on broadband speed, which the majority of UK providers have agreed to, requires ISPs to give customers an 'an accurate estimate of the maximum speed that their line can support' and explain any other factors that could hinder performance.

"Sadly this does not stop some big ISPs from packing too many users onto already heavily congested broadband 'pipes' in an effort to save money," Jackson commented.

"This, combined with the usual peak time rush of Internet access as people go online after a hard day at work, can cause many to have an underwhelming experience. Meanwhile many others simply live too far from their local telephone exchange to receive the speed they paid for," he concluded.

Of the 774 respondents who participated in the survey, 52.7 percent used 8Mps broadband, 13.1 had 1 to 2Mbps, 8 used 10Mbps services, 24Mbps claimed 73, 20Mbps services were used by 7.1, 6.5 had 16Mbps, 3.1 had 50Mbps+ and oldschool 512Kbps connections were used by just 1.9.

Count us in as consumers "dissatisfied" with our broadband speed. In fact, put some swear words inside those quotation marks.