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Mass Effect DLC news this week?

So reckons BioWare, anyway...

News on Mass Effect's next DLC add-on could arrive this week, if BioWare' latest Twitter update is to be believed.

"Getting the feeling some news about the next ME1 DLC may be coming this week. Keep your eyes peeled," says the developer.

The tweet comes after internet handbag-waving over the accidental posting of Mass Effect's Xbox Live Games on Demand game page.

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The page - which was only online for a moment - talked of the ability to "download new systems and worlds to visit," "meet new characters and encounter never before seen alien species," plus "new weapons, armour and items as you experience a whole new adventure".

If the Games On Demand page is indeed talking about the new DLC pack, expect it to be online by August - which is when Mass Effect hits the service.