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Uncharted headed to the big screen

Colombia signed up for movie adaptation of Drake's Fortune

Movie Studio Columbia has picked up Naughty Dog's excellent PS3 adventure Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for a big screen adaptation.

According to a story on The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has snapped up writer Kyle Ward (who's also penning the Kane and Lynch film) to scribe the adaptation, with producers Avi Arad (Iron Man), Charles Roven (The Dark Knight) and Alex Gartner (Get Smart) also on board.

The story, of course, will follow Nathan Drake, the descendent of explorer Sir Francis Drake, who believes he has learned the whereabouts of the fabled South American golden city, El Dorado. We reckon the film won't be as colourful as the game - just a hunch.

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There are a lot of game-to-movie adaptations being namedropped at the moment (God of War, Gears) but with the Hitman movie making big bucks at cinemas, we reckon some of these might actually get made. But will they be any good?