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Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, new shots

Coming to XBLA and PSN this winter

Konami has coughed up new game details and screenshots from the tactical RPG, Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment.

Here's a list of key features:

Classic gameplay, expanded and streamlined - combines the speedy RPG pace of the original Vandal Hearts with improved user mechanics and top-notch presentation.

Strong story - serving as the prequel to the original Vandal Hearts, Flames of Judgment delivers a rich, focused, and character-driven storyline that includes quality cinematic cutscenes.

Multiple endings - the player's actions throughout the game determine the ending, Tobias' future and more!

Party members adapt to the player's style of gameplay - player characters naturally and automatically improve at whatever they do, providing a wide, deep range of customization options.

20 playable maps