Tekken 6 gets £150 arcade stick bundle

And a £69 Collector's Edition with a hoodie

Bandai Namco (it still can't decide which order to put those names in) has unveiled two Tekken 6 Collector's Editions, including one with a Hori Tekken arcade stick.

The £149.99 (yes, you read that right) arcade stick bundle will ship with a copy of the game, an art book and what Namco's called "the best peripheral for any console" (that's the stick). What, even better than the Wii Remote tennis racket adaptor?

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A second, more recession-friendly Collector's Edition is also planned for Tekken 6, which includes a copy of the game and a hoodie designed by the art team, among other goodies. That one's £69.

Tekken 6 is out at the end of the year. Check back shortly for Collector's Edition pics.