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Left 4 Dead DLC announcement soon

Due by the end of Summer Valve tells CVG

Valve's Doug Lombardi has told CVG that we should expect a Left 4 Dead DLC announcement before the end of the summer for both PC and 360.

At a recent press event that took place in London earlier today, Lombardi told us, "We plan to keep supporting Left 4 Dead 1. There will be some announcements coming before summer's out about what's coming there, and then we haven't shown everything that's in Left 4 Dead 2 yet."

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Lombardi added, "I think 8, 9 months from now once everything's been out for a while and everyone's had time to see the complete product of Left 4 Dead 2 and see continued support for Left 4 Dead 1, they may sort of see what we were up to and what the method of our madness was there."

The upcoming DLC will be for both PC and Xbox 360, he confirmed.

As for Left 4 Dead 2, you'll be able to try before you buy with a pre-release demo. "With Left 4 Dead in particular we've found that word of mouth really is the strongest thing," Lombardi told OXM. "With Left 4 Dead 2 we plan do a demo before the game comes out that'll have multiplayer in it and hopefully we can continue the free weekends with the full game post-launch."

Look out for our full interview soon.