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L4D2 boycott "didn't change our plans at all"

Valve explains fan "confusion" over Left 4 Dead plans

Valve has said that the 30,000-plus members of the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott group "didn't change our plans at all".

Speaking to CVG in London yesterday, Valve marketing man Doug Lombardi claimed the developer already had plans for new Left for Dead 1 DLC, before disgruntled fans went on the internet and vented.

"I think there was just some confusion," Lombardi said. "When you go to E3 and make a big splash on a new product you're trying to get the retailer's attention and the press attention.

"It's not really the venue for announcing DLC and whatnot. I think folks took our announcement as a sign that we were dropping Left 4 Dead 1 and that's just not the case.

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"It really didn't change our plans at all," he continued. "As I mentioned we had plans to keep releasing stuff. We put the Survival Pack out for free which I thought was pretty cool on 360 as well as PC - it's sort of uncommon to be able to get new stuff out that way."

New Left 4 Dead DLC will be announced "at the end of the summer," Lombardi said.

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