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PSM3's PES 2010 Hands-On: Uncut

Warning: for die-hard fans only. Hardcore details, data and impressions ahead + new screens

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Steven Gerrard

Attack 87
Defence 70
Body Balance 88
Stamina 87
Top Speed 84
Acceleration 78
Response 82
Agility 77
Dribble Accuracy 80
Dribble Speed 83
Header 75
Short Pass Accuracy 88
Jump 72
Short Pass Speed 98
Technique 82
Long Pass Accuracy 95
Long Pass Speed 97
Shot Accuracy 81
Shot Power 96
Shot Technique 83
FK Accuracy 82
Swerve 75

If you add these up, and divide by the number of attributes 1840/22 = 83.6

So since Gerrard's actual score is 96, this number can't be a pure average, but must take into account other stats that aren't measured as 1-100. e.g. Aggression, Mentality, Team Work, Condition, Weak Foot Accuracy, Weak Foot Frequency etc

More importantly, the 'top line' score must take into account a player's unique abilities, previously know as ability stars, but now known as the 'Ability Card' system.

Gerrard's 'cards' are:

Quick Turn
Long Ranger
Free Roaming
1-touch play
Outside Curve

Which must push his 'top line' score from 84 to 96 - we're not sure how this is worked out (this is just an experiment), but it demonstrates that player ability cards play a key role.

Benayoun's Ability Cards:

Outside Curve
Long Throw
Scoop Kick


Goal Poacher
1-on-1 finisher
Outside Curve


Mazing Run
Incisive Run
Scoop Kick
Outside Curve

Henry (not a full list, but he has the interesting new cards below):

Cut Back Pass
Edge Turn

Eto'o: (ditto: not a complete list, but some of the interesting ones include)

Dummy Run
Chasing Back

Iniesta: (ditto)
Super Sub
All Out Attack

(For more details on ability cards, see PSM3#116)

Set Formation

This menu contains the options:
Edit Position
Change Formation
Mark Settings

There's a host of default formations, as usual, including 4312, 4213, 442, 4411, 451, 4123 etc

CARD - this option allows you to toggle card abilities on/off. Once again, see PSM3#116 for a detailed explanation.

The effect of each card is demonstrated by the player's movement (represented by moving dots) on the overhead tactics pitch view above the lower menu. For example, you can see the Torres' dot move to break the defensive line when you activate the Goal Poacher dot.


There's a lot more on this in PSM3#116, with detailed analysis of the tactics sliders, so we'll focus on what we had to leave out.


You can still manually assign 'on the fly' tactics changes to the shoulder/face buttons e.g. press L2 and circle to perform a counter attack/pressure/CB Overlap/Offside Trap etc, depending on what buttons you assign.

Setplay Settings

The options are the same as usual, but they're listed in a long vertical list to make it easier to see who's assigned to what duty.

Camera Types

From what we've seen, they're the same as ever, and we played in classic 'Wide' view.

Exhaustive. You bet. We're at least gently obsessed with Pro Evo 2010. To read our early hands-on verdict, don't miss PSM3#116, on-sale now.

To buy PSM3#116 online for the same price as the shops - but with delivery included to your front door, visit the Gamesradar online shop here

Have a great weekend


p.s We'll try to do a live Twitter Q&A about PES 2010 next week, so leave your questions below as a head start.

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