PSM3's PES 2010 Hands-On: Uncut

Warning: for die-hard fans only. Hardcore details, data and impressions ahead + new screens

Slower. More painstaking. Less goals. That's how PES 2010 hopes to steal the critical high ground from EA's FIFA 10. Sounds unlikely? It'll make sense when you read our exclusive PES 2010 hands-on, plus exclusive development team interview, in PSM3#116 on-sale now for £4.99 at all good newsagents - but we've been holding some juicy information back. Until now...

There's ten pages of revealing Pro Evo 2010 hands-on insight in the mag, but we still had to cut out some interesting, if niche, new details; including player stats, menu options and data, that - as gently obsessive fans - make us oddly excited. Click to read more...

The following are offcuts from our notebook that didn't make the magazine, partly because they're a little too hardcore for less committed Pro Evo players, partly because we ran out of space. Here goes...

PES 2010 Menu Options
The code we played was a controlled, two-team, demo, with only Exhibition matches active, but the main menu currently contains the following blanked out options:

UEFA Champions League
Master League
Become A Legend
System Settings

The menu screens are - we must stress - placeholder, but the main menu options are currently arranged in a circle (a bit like the outline of a ball, as recall it). The overall visual style resembles a match ticket, or match day programme - relaying a real 'fan' feel.


Currently, there's no licensed music, but lots of generic menu tunes in classic PES style, from genres such as House, Techno, New Rave and Indie. One track was literally labelled New-Rave, Tech Funk.

When we asked Konami Japan how the music would change, they simply replied 'There will be more variety'.

Edit Player Position - bias arrows

When you edit a player's position, we couldn't find the traditional eight way arrows (where you can highlight two of eight directions as the player's preferred areas of movement). Perhaps this has been removed so the tactical sliders (see the magazine) are more powerful. They were pretty obscure/confusing for the mass market, so that might be another reason for their removal. This is only our speculation, mind you, so don't be shocked if the arrows return - we just couldn't find them in the current code.

Player stats are position-specific

All players have a 'top line' stat, just like FIFA, so, say, Gerrard has an overall score of 96, Torres 80, Agger 74 etc. Don't worry - the traditional stats for individual attributes like short pass acc, dribbling, balance etc are still visible, but the 'top line' stat makes it easier for newcomers to judge their best players.

When you move a player into an unfamiliar position, their stats will be adjusted accordingly. e.g. Benayoun is 78 AMF, 63 CMF and 47 DMF - which makes sense, since this smaller, skillful player would be better deployed 'in the hole' up front, and not as a holding player in deep midfield. Utility players like Gerrard suffer much less when moved out of their prefered position, making squad utility players even more important to cover for key injuries.

Man Marking
When you set a player to man mark the opposition, you can compare their top line stats and - handily - height, so you don't put a tiny defender up against a huge forward by mistake. You can also toggle between Loose/Tight marking.

Match menus
As it stands, and this may change, the in-game Pause menu has the same options as PES 2009. It's the same at half-time, too, with familiar Match Details and Highlights options.

Player celebrations
There are more player-specific goal celebrations, the most memorable we saw being Torres' thumb sucking motion.

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