Dirt 2 PC delayed for DirectX 11 support

Hardware tessellation, hyper-threading and all that mumbo jumbo included

Colin McRae: Dirt 2 on PC has been delayed so it can be one of the first games to make use of the new tech to be introduced by DirectX 11, which arrives alongside Windows 7 on October 22.

The first DX11 hardware is on the way and Codemasters' latest rally sim will be ready for it although it means an "extended development program" will push the title back to December, behind the September release of the game on other formats.

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DX11 support means "multi-threading, hardware tessellation and Shader Model 5.0" will all be supported. Hopefully that means more to you than it does to us. We'll let Codies explain: "Hardware tessellation will further improve the appearance of water and other surfaces as well as crowd animations.

"The shader performance of Shader Model 5.0 (SM 5.0) will aid in creating an even richer 3D experience, enhancing key image quality parameters such as depth of field, ambient occlusion and shadows. These DirectX 11 features, and many others, will add the horsepower needed to improve performance."

Got that? Good. Codemasters' chief technical officer, Bryan Marshall, said: "While the console editions of Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will retain their September ship date, we believe that the DirectX 11 feature set is too compelling to ignore, especially considering how much more it can add to the visual experience for PC gamers."

"The fusion of DirectX 11 with Codemasters' EGO Engine will raise the technical bar considerably in the racing genre."

Here are two DX 11 screenshots for you to stare at. Let's play spot the difference.