Polyphony: Getting GT on PSP was a struggle

Squeezing the sim onto PSP "took a lot of work" says series creator

Gran Turismo PSP is, fingers crossed, out on October 1, but it took so long coming that it was nearly canned. That's because, as series creator Kazunori Yamauchi explains, getting it working properly on PSP was no small task.

"It was a lot of work," said Yamauchi. "You have a lot less memory, a lot slower CPU and a lesser graphics engine, it took a lot of work to try to get the data size a lot smaller than what it was without dropping the Gran Turismo quality.

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"Even though it's running on very small hardware, we wanted it to be so the anyone playing it would instantly recognise that it is Gran Turismo," he told the US PS Blog.

GT PSP launches alongside the new PSP Go on October 1. Can't wait.