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BioWare Interview Pt. 2

Interview: More from co-founder Greg Zeschuk

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The optimum Wii experience is a game where four people sit together on a couch and play. We've done multiplayer stuff in the past, but our optimal product always engages a player on an emotional level. I'm sure there's ways to do that on the Wii, but we just haven't figured that out yet. Once we do that we could very well do something on it.

So you're still thinking about it, but you've got nothing solid in the pipeline for Wii?


Zeschuk: We're not specifically developing a bunch of stuff, we've just been thinking about it and exploring it, and thinking about Natal as well. When we do act on a platform we really do get behind it, and so we're really just sitting back right now and figuring things out.

So you're still unsure of how to attack the whole motion control rush coming from MS's Natal and Sony's new motion controllers?

Zeschuk: Natal is in a similar situation to Wii. I mean, it's a cool interface but you have to think 'what's the advantage of us making products for it?' That's what we're trying to figure out.

The main thing for us is that we don't want it to seem gimmicky. We want it to be at the core of the experience. There are some neat concepts - I mean, something as simple as being able to use motion control for interface work. We'll be able to do that, which is cool. But, while that's not be entirely gimmicky, it's not the whole game. That's where it gets challenging.

It was said that the BioWare Mythic merger was to focus more on the MMO RPG genre. Is that because you see that genre as the future biggest genre in gaming?

Zeschuk: I think to be fair we were both already doing them, and it's very similar stuff from both teams. There's certainly lots of opportunity for us to share and we already were - speaking a lot and swapping technology. So it's not so much a change in direction but more a realisation that we can do better if we put it all together.

I think Ray [Muzyka, GM and CEO of BioWare] was quoted as saying there may be a possible collaboration project in the future, and that's absolutely true.

EA says it will launch two-to-three new IPs a year. What's your view on the debate over launching new IP versus doing sequels?


Zeschuk: We're almost always working on something new. At BioWare a product only reaches public eyes when it's fully realised and it's on the track to becoming something that'll be released. Quite commonly we're working on stuff that's only theoretical, and so we're always exploring possibilities.

We're always looking out for trends, and when you have a free team you have to figure out if you want to work on something that already exists or do you want a new franchise. It's fairly dynamic - we think it's important to be revitalising a studio by coming up with new things. You don't want a situation where you're forever doing the same thing; people get burnt out doing that.

The cool thing is that they don't all have to be giant console releases, they can be smaller platforms like an iPhone game.

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