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Peggle gets World of Warcraft levels

Ten WoW-themed stages downloadable for PopCap's peg popping puzzler

PopCap Games has released ten World of Warcraft-themed stages for its quirky PC game, Peggle, downloadable free from its official site.

"This all-new WoW-themed Peggle mash-up is a stand-alone version of Peggle, available for free and combining the sights, sounds and storyline of World of Warcraft with the rainbows and unicorns of everyone's favourite peg-popping pastime," explains PopCap.


"It features ten new levels with Peggle masters Bjorn the Unicorn and Splork with his Space Blast facing off against denizens of Azeroth in scenes with names like 'Too Soon, Executus' and 'The Traitor King' - as well as ten new challenges with titles such as 'Phat Lewtz' and 'Pwnyxia'."

Fancy it? It's free - of course you do. Nip over to the Peggle site to download them for yourself. First screenshots of the new levels are below.