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Dragon Age DLC in development

BioWare also working on bringing PC mods to consoles

BioWare co founder Greg Zeschuk has told CVG that the firm already has a team working on DLC content for the upcoming Dragon Age: Origins, which isn't out until October 20.

He also told us that BioWare is working on a way of getting user mods made for the PC version working on the console versions (like in Unreal Tournament III on PS3, we presume).

"We've a lot of DLC plans. There's a slight difference on PC and console, because on PC we provide full user tools that let you modify and create your own levels and stories. On the console side, it's obviously not really feasible for us to provide the toolset," Zeschuk explained.

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"But we are actually looking at ways to potentially share the content created on the PC on consoles. There aren't really any huge technical hurdles to that."

Zeschuk continued: "We are creating a lot of downloadable content that'll be on offer shortly after release. We already have a team working on it, because the core content of the game is pretty much done.

"And full expansions packs are a possibility down the road," he added.

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