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First pics of revamped Lara Croft

Images of new Tomb Raider leak onto net

The first images of Eidos' (or is that Square Enix Europe's?) revamped Tomb Raider game have seemingly leaked onto the internet. See them here

According to details obtained by 4Player Co-op, the franchise "reboot" has a younger, more human-looking Lara investigating ancient tombs on an island off the coast of Japan.

Controversially, the new game is said to be a completely open-world affair, and it even dabbles in a bit of survival horror.

Here's the blurb: "When a sudden storm destroys her research vessel, a young and inexperienced Lara Croft finds herself stranded on a mysterious and remote island hidden off the shores of Japan.

"Despite several signs of various inhabitants the island is oddly deserted, and an uneasy feeling settles in as strange sounds emerge from the shadows. With only her determination, inner strength, and resourcefulness to help her, Lara must overcome the challenges of a harsh and unforgiving journey that will take her across a vast island wilderness and deep into the claustrophobic and menacing underground tombs from the island's past.

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"As she struggles to prevail through brutal combat encounters and treacherous exploration, Lara will be pushed to her limits and forced to adapt to her situation in order to survive and escape from the lethal predators that stalk her every move."

Eidos/Square Enix Europe/Crystal Dynamic's (delete as appropriate) lawyers have since had the images and information pulled from the original source. From experience this means there's every chance it'll turn out to be on the money. Nothing's official yet though.

Survival horror then. Is that really going to get more people playing Tomb Raider? Discuss below.