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Killzone 3 not waiting for PS4

"We're certainly not done developing for this platform," says Guerrilla

The Killzone series has so far seen one release per platform, with the original on PS2 and KZ2 holding off for PS3. But it seems the third entry in the series might not wait for the next PlayStation.

Guerrilla Games' senior producer, Steven ter Heide, has said the KZ developer is far from finished with PS3.

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"PlayStation 3 has a very long life ahead still, and we're certainly not done developing for this platform. We still see enough opportunities to get better and pushing the platform even further," he told The Gamer Access.

The developer refused to comment on "future projects", obviously, but they did pledge to continue with developments for Killzone 2 DLC.

"Part of Killzone 2's focus points was to allow players to create their own customized games as much as possible and to a large extent I think we have succeeded. However, we are always looking at the way the community is responding to our designs and will take this type of feedback into consideration for future projects and possibly DLC. I cannot tell you specifics right now though."