Massive MapleStory update planned

Knights of Cygnus to be "biggest update yet"

Free to play MMORPG MapleStory is about to get a huge update with Knights of Cygnus this August, which offers "content that is rare and unique".

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Here's the full update laid bare.

Currently in MapleStory, there are four job levels of Warrior, Magician, Thief and Bowman. The Knights of Cygnus update provides five new job classes that are new to MapleStory offering a stronger skill set to existing players and a quicker progression of levels for new users. Knights of Cygnus can use elemental abilities to their advantage, possess unique skills compared to standard job classes and can enjoy exclusive maps and quests.

Anybody can create a Knights of Cygnus character and by crafting the new character which is interlinked with their main profile enabling them to share powers and utilise stronger skills. This connection allows the two characters to support each other through leveling.

When you pair your main character and Knight of Cygnus character you will then receive a Blessing of the Spirit buff and gain an extra skill point whenever the other one levels up 10 times. This means that more experienced players can expect to empower their character, making it stronger by using the buff which is only open to Knights of Cygnus users.

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