Killzone 2 DLC this week

Napalm & Cordite pack front this week's PSN update

The Napalm & Cordite downloadable map pack for Killzone 2 will be out this Thursday.

Expected to be around the £3.99 ($5.99) mark, the pack adds "two exciting new multiplayer maps: Suljeva Cliffside, which takes place on the rocky outskirts of the Suljeva mining village; and Arctower Landing, which revisits the Arctower defense posts of Blood Meridian".

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It also lets you use the VC1 Flamethrower and semi-automatic Boltgun 4400 in multiplayer.

This, along with the 'Fury' expansion for WipEout HD - coming on the same day, will make it a pretty good week for DLC updates this week.