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New Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta details

New weapons and a perk revealed

Bethesda's Jeff Gardiner has spilled the beans on a load of new weapons and a new perk to appear in the next Fallout 3 download pack, entitled Mothership Zeta.

"Mothership Zeta is full of the most high tech weaponry in the game," said Gardiner, before revealing: "It includes a Shock Baton for melee fighters, multiple new firearms including an Alien Atomizer, a pistol, and the Alien Disintegrator, a new rifle. There's also a new grenade type, a Cryo Grenade, which freezes enemies for a short period of time.

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"On top of that there are new unique weapons, and a new heavy weapon," he went on to tell MTV. He also detailed a new perk called 'Xenotech Expert', which "increases the damage you do with alien weapons, including the Alien Blaster if the player had found that in the wasteland", explained Gardiner.

The update's due out on 360 on August 3 for 800 MS points. PS3 gamers won't get it until much later in the year. Check here for more details on the Mothership Zeta pack.