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Sigma 2 co-op shots

Ryu, Rachel, Ayane and Momiji get it on inside

TecmoKoei has passed over a batch of new screens for Ninja Gaiden: Sigma 2's recently revealed co-op mode. And we're not talking grubby scans from Famitsu either.

Little is currently known about the co-op mode, but we expect it to play a major part in the game rather than just be a spin off or a few side quests. However there will be a Team Mission mode which we believe could offer upwards of 30 individual missions to tag team your way through.

It's also being tipped (by us) that you'll be able to record your efforts and upload them to PSN for others to watch and rate (or laugh at).


As you'll see the screens feature Ryu, Rachel, Ayane and Momiji all as playable characters. We also reckon there could be a few more in the final game.

Look out for a release later this year and we'd be amazed if there wasn't some kind of fancy collector boxset to celebrate the launch. TecmoKoei is banking on this to be a big hit.

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