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COD brand boosts Modern Warfare 2 interest

Consumer awareness and purchase interest up, says research

The reinstatement of the Call of Duty brand into Modern Warfare 2 has boosted consumer awareness and purchase interest for the game, new research from Nielsen has found.

While the game was originally introduced with the Call Of Duty moniker intact, it was then referred to as Modern Warfare 2, before bizarrely having the CoD name put back on the box.

Nielsen's videogame tracking service shows that the CoD-stamped game now "benefits substantially from association with its multi-platinum parent franchise Call Of Duty."

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"Aided awareness" of the MW2 is up 94 percent post name change, while "definite interest in purchasing" has risen by 64 per cent and "total positive interest in purchasing" by 65 per cent, it says.

As if everyone wasn't going to buy it anyway.