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Major publishers "not interested" in DS only games

Warlock Of Firetop Mountain dev reveals the struggle behind the project

Earlier this month a game based on the first Fighting Fantasy book (The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain ) was unveiled for DS. But why did we have to wait so long? Damir Slogar, CEO of developer Big Blue Bubble, has told CVG that the firm struggled to find a publisher due to the title being DS only.

"We were struggling to find a publisher for the title," Slogar explained. "Everyone we showed the game loved it but the 'big guys' like EA, Ubi or Activision were not interested in DS only titles."


But it wasn't just big publishers turning their noses up at the game which hampered the dev process. "Another challenge was the high cost of manufacturing because the game is using one of the largest cart sizes and largest save EEPROM (in part because you can draw on the in-game map using the stylus), he added. "Last year we managed to sign the game with one publisher, but as the global economic crisis hit everyone hard they went out of business."

There is a happy ending though. "Luckily we finally met Aspyr and they really understood the value of the FF brand and technology behind the game." Phew.

Look out for the full interview on the Warlock Of Firetop Mountain for DS late this week.