The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Interview: Fighting Fantasy for a new generation

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Slogar: In our game a player will never get killed by choosing the 'wrong' path. He might choose a harder path but there is no way the player will know this unless he goes through both of them. The gamer can always go back to the area where the enemies are not as strong in order to level up.

How will the combat system work? It is live action of dependant on the throw of a dice?

Slogar: Combat is real time and it resembles a FPS game, but obviously with lot of focus on melee combat. Dice results are applied to the character's "luck" attribute and have a limited role in determining the outcome of a combat. As in most of the RPGs, math behind the combat is fairly complex as we are comparing stats of the player (including all armour, spell effects, equipped weapon and special items) with the stats of the enemy and adding all additional factors (distance, type of spell VS type of resistance, type of weapon VS type of armour, etc.).

What reference material did you use for the visual design of the game?


Slogar: We looked at the art style used in the original book series and tried to incorporate it in our vision of the Fighting Fantasy world. We created numerous concepts for monsters and environments before we started the final art production.

Any Wi-Fi features or the ability to team up and go adventuring with a friend?

Slogar: Our rendering engine is constantly using close to 100% of the CPU power so adding multiplayer would be overkill. It also wouldn't fit in the spirit of the Fighting Fantasy universe.

Why is there no PSP version?

Slogar: At the time we started DS development there was barely any interest from publisher for PSP titles. Later during the development this changed a bit but at that point our engine was so DS specific that we couldn't make it work on PSP.

Episodic gaming is big these days. Would you ever consider an episodic release on XBLA or PSN?

Slogar: Personally, I don't see the big difference between releasing the sequel from episodic content. Of course, I would like to see Fighting Fantasy on 360 or PS3 but I don't believe it will happen as downloadable content, at least not in the form it is now (FPSRPG).

How will you make sure the game appeals to today's gamers that don't know what the Fighting Fantasy series is? To them it's just another RPG.

Slogar: We just have to make a good game. All of the titles that made it big were 'just another RPG' at some point, but the good ones found their market.

Warlock of Firetop Mountain is only the beginning. Do you envisage turning allL the books into games or just the best ones. Who decides which ones will get made?

Slogar: Fighting Fantasy books have been on the market for over 25 years. It would probably take about the same amount of time to turn them all into video games. Seriously though, we would love to make more games based on the series and of course to expand to more platforms. The success of this game will be, of course, a key factor in deciding where to go next.


What's the most impressive feature about the game in your opinion?

Slogar: Obviously the amazing graphics is one of the things you will immediately notice. The game is based on our 3D engine that supports dynamic lighting, soft shadows, high resolution textures, and all this is running at 60 fps.

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