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Modern Warfare 2: Multiplayer trailer released

Customised killstreaks and awesome action

Infinity Ward's just released the first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer video - and it's looking fantastic.

The trailer shows, among a plethora of explosions, the new customised killstreaks in MW2's online mode. These seemingly allow players to choose the rewards they'll receive for popping tons of opponents in a row, such as airstrikes and sticky grenades.

It looks awesome. See the footage below:

This video is no longer available

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In response to the developer asking what new Killstreak rewards should feature in the sequel, the internet replied with the likes of:

  • Whole team gets ammo replenished
  • The ability to control the gunner of a chopper
  • Sniper squad (outside the map) provides support
  • Morale boost, you're able to run faster and take more damage
  • Earn double XP during a streak
  • Control a guided missile similar to Battlefield: Bad Company's
  • No dogs - they are lame
  • Disguise yourself as the enemy
  • Bring in Chuck Norris (still our favourite)

Tell us what you'd like to see below.