UFC coming to Wii, handhelds

After 3 million sales of 360/PS3 versions

THQ's bringing the UFC franchise to Wii and handheld, after the success of UFC: Undisputed on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Speaking in an investor call last night, the publisher revealed that the 360/PS3 game has shifted almost three million copies, sparking it to consider yearly instalments for the fighting franchise.

""We plan to launch games based on UFC on an annual basis and to build this franchise with new technology and game play, additional platforms and increase sales outside of North America as the UFC brand continues its global expansion.

"Over time, we plan to build our UFC franchise by expanding international sales and by developing games on new platforms such as hand held's and the Nintendo Wii," THQ boss Brian Farrell said.

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The company didn't offer any details on next year's game, other than to say that it will feature "new gameplay modes and features".

We bet EA's kicking itself now, eh?