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Gran Turismo 5 out this year the US, according to Amazon

Gran Turismo 5 will be in US shops on December 29, according to Amazon, who's already taking pre-orders for the game at $56.99. Please let this be true.

The game is widely expected for release next year, but this raises an eyebrow considering recent comments from series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, who said last month: "We've actually reached a point where we could probably release it any time."

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Even more recently, Yamauchi said a release date announcement was coming "soon". Sony's official line is: "We haven't announced a release date for GT5 yet," CVG was told this morning, with the UK rep adding they "can't comment on the US".

Fingers crossed then, that Amazon's post (spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle) is bang on the money.

As you should know, GT PSP will be out on October 1. And we're all about it.