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Sony pulls new Wipeout HD in-game ad

Because it made the game load slower

Sony has pulled a new in-game video advert from Wipeout HD after its introduction led to an increase in game loading times.

Yesterday in-game ad firm Double Fusion launched the first in a series of planned Wipeout HD in-game adverts targeted at North American and European players. While the company said that the ads would complement the PS3 hover-racer's futuristic design, the first to be introduced to the title increased game loading times by around ten seconds, leading to its swift withdrawal.

This video is no longer available

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"The ad has been removed and we are investigating the situation to ensure that any in-game advertising does not affect gameplay," a Sony UK spokesperson told us today. "This will apply for all future in-game ads as well."

Double Fusion announced last year that it had signed an agreement with Sony to deliver dynamic in-game advertising to PS3 titles.

Article supplied by Edge-Online