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COD Classic priced?

Looking like 1200 MS points (£9.99)

Modern Warfare 2: Hardened Edition comes with a remake of the original Call Of Duty title which Play seems to suggest will cost 1200 MS points (£9.99).

In a list of features for the £69.99 Modern Warfare 2: Hardened Edition, the online retailer's info has been updated to include "Equivalent DLC value 1200 MS points (£9.99)", which refers to the Call Of Duty Classic title.

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It's not know whether or not this will be available individually over Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Store, but we guess it will after a period of exclusivity to the collector's edition. And we can also deduce that it very well might cost 1200 MS points (£9.99). See what we did there?

Is it for you or will you be happy with Modern Warfare 2?