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So it's official: Van Halen's on the way. The latest Guitar Hero solo band pack hasn't wowed the office as much as Metallica and Aerosmith, so why aren't we that fussed? And if we had the choice, what band would we pick?

Matt I play Guitar Hero and Rock Band more than anybody in the office, but the Van Halen pack just doesn't excite me. Why? Because... well... I don't really know 'em. Is that shameful? Unless Neversoft gets somebody like Led Zeppelin on board - which will never happen - I doubt they'll ever find a solo pack to rival The Beatles: Rock Band. Their best best would be my favourite: Guitar Hero: The Rolling Stones. That'd win me over. So would a Flight of the Conchords DLC pack for Guitar Hero 5...

Mike Enough of the disc-based updates already; nobody is thanking EA or Activision for them. I'm sure the Van Halen fans care and I'm positive each and every one of them would rather just download every tune on the disc for DLC funbucks, but if we're forced to choose our own exploit-o-pack then I'll go with Faith No More.

Rob Van Halen kicks ass (my all time rock-out fave is not actually Jump but Dance the Night Away), but I'm not sure many of my fellow Brits give a damn about him so I think this was always one for our US pals. My apathy for Guitar Hero/Rock Band/DJ Hero/Lips is well documented by now on our various podcasts, so it's just another game to ignore as far as I'm concerned. In fact, having wracked my noggin I'm confident in declaring there is NO band out there that would tempt me into that bizarre world of plastic guitars and extortionate RRPs. If I could pick two bands though that I reckon fit the game to a tee and probably shift a fair few copies as well, they'd probably be Pearl Jam and Queen. I love those dudes. Ooh, and the already-released Aerosmith one was a good call as well.

Hoody Guitar Hero eh? Van Halen eh?
I. Don't. Care. What's the point? Why spend hours standing in front of your xbox playing a pretend guitar when you could be spending hours 'actually' learning a real one? I'm looking at you Pellett.
My band choice for the next Rock Band cash-in?

Jem A: No prizes for guessing that I'd plump for Wet Wet Wet? Ah well.

NOBODY cares about Van Halen. Not the general public, not his management, not even his Mum. Who is he, exactly? How many stone-cold hits does he have? Zero. In the UK, certainly. But then Guitar Hero have always gone for boring 'raaaaaawk' bands, so it's no surprise to see them once again coming up with a bland stinker of a license. The thing is that there's never been a huge young fanbase for that kind of rock music over here, like there is in the USA. Also, the wearing of sleeveless Tshirts is rightly frowned here in Blighty.

Actually, sod artists, what about theming the games a bit? A 60s specific game, or Motown or something? It would allow for a better roster of hits.