Risen refused classification In Australia

Australian ratings body stamps ots feet

Medieval RPG Risen has been refused classification by the Australian ratings body.

Developed by Piranha Bytes, the Xbox 360 and PC title is due to be published in October by Deep Silver, the games label of Koch Media.

Risen has become the third game to be refused a rating in Australia this year, following Necrovision and Sexy Poker, reports Refused Classification.

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The US Entertainment Software Rating Board has rated the title M (17+), noting that "sexual activity is strongly implied, but never depicted on screen" and that "many of the characters in the game smoke a fictional drug called brugleweed."

It's currently unclear whether the game's creators are seeking to gain an Australian classification through content edits, but we've contacted Koch for comment.

The Australian ratings board is notoriously strict when it comes to games - while the country's federal government said last year that it is considering introducing an R18+ classification for games, no rating higher than 15+ currently exists for the medium, despite the fact that movies and magazines can receive adult classification.

Article supplied by Edge-Online