Branded Modern Warfare pads incoming

Deal struck for controllers and accessories

Mad Catz will produce "officially branded controllers and accessories" based on Modern Warfare 2. The third party peripheral company now has the rights to print money as it has the rights to a range of accessories for all current platforms of the title.

Infinity Ward boss Vince Zampella said, "Mad Catz's innovation and fresh approach from Day 1 has been great. Their team has really poured their hearts into the new line of accessories for Modern Warfare 2 and we can't wait for our fans to have a chance to play for themselves this November."

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Would you buy a third party pad just because it said MW2 on the side and came in a camo design? It might not, but we'll have to take a stab in the dark as there's no word on what these peripherals might be. Though we probably would go for a Modern Warfare 2-branded bazooka, as long as it was life-size...