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Final Fantasy CC Wii DLC is out

New monsters and wardrobes, as exciting as that sounds...

New download content for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord is live on WiiWare today.

There are three new packs containing new monsters and wardrobes full of items and clothing to boost your characters. Here are the details:

Darklord Special Forces
500 Wii Points / Blocks Required: 2
A pack of six monsters sure to take centre stage in battle, including five mid-level monsters: Ogre (melee), Ahriman (ranged), Sahagin (magic), Coeurl and Chimera (generic), and a healer monster: Lamia. They can be summoned as much as your NP allows. Use these monsters and their special skills well, and the world will be yours.


Bedroom Set
300 Wii Points / Blocks Required: 1
A pack of three Artifacts to give you the advantage in battle: Void Fountain (restores monsters' HP and cures status effects), Summon Mirror (summons random monsters), and Drain Chest (drains adventurers' HP and distributes it to your monsters). Strategic placement of these Artifacts will make world conquest a piece of cake.

Beloved Wardrobe
600 Wii Points / Blocks Required: 7
A pack of three dresses to help you in battle (and to help Mira look her best): Radiant Dress (lets you cast Cure once per battle, restoring a little HP to all monsters and Artifacts), Dark Dress (raises your starting NP by 50), and Prim Dress (lets you cast Hard Slash once per battle, dealing light melee damage). Conquer the world in style.