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Kotick: "people are happy with existing franchises"

Activision boss says we're happy with updates

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick insists that the majority of gamers are happy to see new updates to existing franchises.

The world's largest third party publisher recently reported a sevenfold jump in profit to $195 million for the second quarter ended June 30. Its success can largely be attributed to the ongoing popularity of franchises such as Call Of Duty and Guitar Hero, both of which have seen numerous iterations.

"A small segment of very vocal gamers say everything has to be new and different every year," Kotick told The Economist. "Actually, people are happy with existing franchises, provided you innovate within them."

According to Kotick, the games industry was lacking discipline when he took over Activision as a struggling publisher back in 1991. The need to find "a balance between people who would be creative and entrepreneurial, and people who knew processes" was required, and persists to this day, he said.

Article supplied by Edge-Online