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PSM3 in Cologne, part 2

The best bits from the show so far, including juicy FFXIV news, an interview with Kojima, and more hot AvP info

Although not quite on the scale of E3, Cologne has yielded plenty of surprises and answered questions we've been demanding answers for all year. Yes, the obvious ones are the price and existence of PS3 Slim, release dates for Dante's Inferno and PES 2010, and the fact you get a free copy of Gran Turismo with your PSP Go, but here are some things we've learned that you won't read about anywhere else...

Hideo Koijima thinks Metal Gear Solid will keep going for ages. During an interview with PSM3, Koj was speaking about whether or not all the plot threads of the series will ever be resolved, and he's thinks not. "The saga of Metal Gear is very complex, and there are so many more gaps," says Kojima, speaking through a translator. "I'm sure we'll find in the future that some things are still not explained in detail, so I might take one of them up and turn it into a game" Interesting stuff. For the full interview, check out PSM3 issue 119 on sale September 30, where Kojima goes on to talk about his influences, the differences between Japanese and Western gaming tastes, and reveals more info on the new Castlevania game.

Final Fantasy XIII is English dialogue complete. Yes, yes. The game that may sceptics expect to slip well into 2010 may be coming sooner than you think. During an interview with PSM3 Yoshinoro Kitase, the game's designer, revealed that all the English voices are recorded. He also told us that each character's facial animations will be changed to reflect native dialogue, so it won't look like bad lip-syncing when it switches from Japanese to English. The game is due Spring 2010. Watch out for our full interview feature in issue 119.

Tony Hawks Ride actually works. We clambered on Activision's fake-board today for a spot of foot-on time, and were actually impressed by how responsive and easy to use the peripheral was. Jumps and tricks are easy to do, and the level of difficulty can be altered according to your skating skill (which in Andy's case is zero).

Final Fantasy XIV may go multi-format. Oh dear. Whilst speaking to PSM 3 Hiromichi Tanaka told us that Square was "in talks with Microsoft" about bringing the MMO to the rival console. That would be a massive, if predictable blow for PSN, so fingers crossed that Square retains a spot of console loyalty.

Resonance of Fate looks good. You've never heard of Resonance of Fate, have you? No, it wasn't on our radar either, but now we've seen it in action we're sold. Well, as sold as we can be in 10 minutes. The characters and locations look stunning and the combat system (which is a mix of real time and traditional JRPG turns) seems solid too. As ever, more on this next issue. Could be the first 'decent' JRPG fans have been crying out for.

That's enough news juice for now. Check back tomorrow for more (genuinely exclusive) observations from the show.

Andy H