Mario & Luigi 3 dated

Exploring Bowser's internal organs from October

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - the third game in the Mario & Luigi RPG series - will be out in UK on DS on October 9, Nintendo has confirmed.

This one sees miniaturised versions of Mario and Luigi being inhaled by Bowser, leaving you to explore his "fiery innards", if you like.

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"At the start of the game, Bowser inhales Mario and Luigi, which leads to the duo exploring organic environments inside the grumpy monster, such as his stomach, arms and legs. In another exciting first, you can control either Bowser on the top screen or Mario and Luigi on the Touch Screen, but can always switch between them," explains Nintendo.

Bowser's sections are done in an isometric top-down perspective, while the Brothers are controlled in classic 2D-sidescrolling gameplay. We're all about that.