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Dirt 2 star plans 100ft Silverstone jump

Trax 2009 plays host to special lauch event

The Subaru Rally Team USA driver and X Games competitor is the star of the show at Trax 2009, a huge car event which takes place on Sunday, September 6 at Silverstone (hit the link for more). And in the name of Dirt 2, he'll aim to "perform a spectacular 100ft in-car jump to mark the forthcoming launch" says Codemasters.

Trax 2009 will also feature the game and give you a good chance to get some hands-on time via a Last Man Standing multiplayer challenge.

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"I've been involved with Codemasters and Colin McRae: Dirt 2 for quite a while and serve as a consultant for the game in addition to featuring in it," said Block. "It's been a real pleasure and an honour to be part of the production team - Colin McRae was a huge inspiration to me personally. Actually driving my own car in the game, I was amazed at how dynamic the setup is and how much it performs like the real thing. I hope that Colin McRae: DiRT 2 similarly inspires the thousands of kids who dream of being the fastest, greatest, rally driver out there."

You can find out loads more about the game by hitting this link and checking out our fancy Dirt 2 website, which features all the latest movies. You might even pick up some tips. Dirt 2 is due on September 11.