Capcom serves new PSP fighter

Fate/Unlimited Codes gets PSN launch date

Fate/Unlimited Codes, a new Capcom beat-'em-up from producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya who worked on the Street Fighter Alpha series, will be out on September 3 for PSP.

The game will be released exclusively on PSN, so no UMD release. It's based on the popular Japanese anime of the same name, and dons a pseudo 3D fight system. Here's the lowdown straight from Tsuchiya himself:

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"Fate/unlimited codes is an ultimate fighting game made available on PSP, which was originally a popular arcade VS fighting game in Japan. In addition to arrangements made to fit to the PSP platform, almost all the fighting systems known for Capcom games and Fate's original systems have been implemented to enhance the gameplay.

"Speedy combination attacks are the core of this game. You'll discover a very intuitive move canceling system that adds variety and depth to the gameplay. For instance, while you are attacking your opponent with a sequence of combos, your opponent dodges, then counters with a special move. You can swiftly cancel your own move to throw a counterattack! This is sure to excite even the most seasoned fighting gamer.

"Of course, high level techniques are not all what Fate is about. Each command input is made so simple that anyone can freely play any character. The in-depth training mode will allow anyone from the beginner to the veterans to improve their moves.

"Additionally, the game content is as voluminous as a packaged version. It offers 17 playable characters, 8 game modes, 250+ stage missions, and more to meet your expectations."