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Interview: Are you ready for innovation, asks Quantic

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A game like Heavy Rain needs space, needs to be explained and shown. At the end of the year, people can't afford to buy all those games so we wanted to give Heavy Rain the chance to have its own release window, and for us to really talk about it so people really understand it.

The other key reason is that we feel we have a responsibility with this title, because it's quite risky what we're trying to do here. We're trying to create a game that is emotionally driven, that offers depth and meaning.

If Heavy Rain doesn't succeed it's going to have important implications for other developers and for ourselves - maybe people will think 'those innovative games don't work, games cannot really convey realistic emotions.' And they will continue to do the standard shooters and the like that we have been doing for however many years.

So we want to polish this game until the last minute. We want to make sure that it lives up to the promises we made to ourselves, which was to create something that's of a high quality.

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You say it should be shown - we were told that the taxidermist demo shown last year could become a playable demo. Is that still on the cards?

De Fondaumiere: No, the taxidermist demo is something that's really separate from the final Heavy Rain story. So we're not going to use this scene as a playable demo. But we're working currently on this and trying to make sure we have a good playable demo so that people really get to experience the game. But again, it's also quite a risk because we have more than 60 scenes that all offer bespoke gameplay, so it's difficult for us to choose.

I think we've quite a number of ideal scenes to choose from, but the difficulty is just actually choosing the scene. But we will have a playable demo.

Will it be put out pre-release?

De Fondaumiere: To be frank I don't know what Sony will decide, but my personal wish is for a pre-release demo. But also we've shown four scenes from the game - that's already quite a lot. So we're aware of the fact that people are interested, and that they can't compare it to anything else out there, so a playable demo is a very important milestone to us.

Do you think Heavy rain will be THE big game of 2010?

De Fondaumiere: I hope it's going to be. It's an important title because its going to test the market to a certain degree on whether it is capable of absorbing this kind of innovation. There are people who are interested in playing games other than shooters, driving and sports. I'm convinced that there are. We wanted to create a game that would appeal to a mature audience.

I'm 39 years old and I've been playing games for I don't know how many years. And personally, I'm longing for something different. There are a few out there - games like Killer 7 and Ico. There are lots of games that are innovative, that have changed the way developers create their games. I hope Heavy Rain is going to fall into this category.

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