Take-Two on the GTA V announcement

"We're not going to announce when we are going to announce it"

Last night Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick fielded an earnings call with question-spurting money-types, so inevitably he got asked about the next GTA, Grand Theft Auto V.

What did the publishing suit have to say on when we should expect the unveiling of the fifth GTA entry? Probably the most frank, brilliant corporate response of the month (although we're only on day two):

"We're not going to announce it, we're not going to announce when we are going to announce it, and we are not going to announce a strategy about announcing it or about when we are going to announce it either, or about the announcement strategy surrounding the announcement of the strategy."

There you are then. Somebody didn't have their Frosties for breakfast.

Earlier this year sneaky analysts first tried to sneak in a GTA V-related query to the exec, but got a similar PR blanket response.

When asked which proportion of the GTA IV team are working on The Ballad of Gay Tony, and how many have moved on to the next big thing, Zelnick's inevitable answer was: "We don't give out that kind of detail in terms of where our resources are being placed.

"I will tell you that Rockstar's obviously working on an array of upcoming titled - Red Dead Redemption, episodic content for Midnight Club Los Angeles, Beaterator, which is coming out - there are a lot of terrific titles coming out, so stayed tuned."

He's been practicing his press release speak, certainly.

Transcription by Seeking Alpha.