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Rolling Stone doesn't get music games

Bassist reckons they encourages kids not to learn

Here we go again. Just when you think musicians are beginning to embrace the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, for turning more people on to music and giving bands another revenue stream, comes another who just doesn't get it.

This time it's former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman who's taken a pop because they stop young people from learning musical instruments.

"It encourages kids not to learn, that's the trouble," Wyman told the BBC. "It makes less and less people dedicated to really get down and learn an instrument. I think is a pity so I'm not really keen on that kind of stuff."

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We reckon it's the opposite. If you've never picked up a real guitar, you're more likely to if you love GH and RB type games. And how often do you get the chance to hit the drums before you take the plunge and buy a set. And then have to find somewhere to put them. And then find out they're too loud for your neighbourhood. And. AND. How many people who love music, listen to it every day, have never, or will never, learn an instrument anyway?

Harmonix's John Drake told CVG that he thinks some miss the point. "I think that they don't understand why it's a phenomenon. From my perspective, anything that gets kids interested in music and gets kids playing music in their house that isn't an MP3 they stole off the internet, is a good thing.

"Anything that's making money for music and making music relevant to kids again is a good thing. I think they think that we prefer people playing plastic guitars over real guitars, and that couldn't be farther from the truth."

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