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SingStar Home space dated

SingStar Rooms brings quizzes, a dance floor and new rewards to Home

Sony has confirmed that a new Home space based on its popular karaoke series, SingStar, will go live on the social networking service on September 24.

"When you strut into The SingStar Rooms the dancefloor will react to the shapes you throw and the type of music will change based on what style the majority of avatars are dancing to. Therefore, if you all do the 'Rock' dance, the music will take a rockier edge," explains Sony.

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"But not only that, there's also an interactive jukebox where you can vote for your favourite track and, for the musically gifted, the SingStar Music Quiz (which will be accessible a few weeks after the space launches). Plus, a number of (fetching!) PS Home Rewards will also be on offer in the space.

"But that's not all. Some of you may have noticed the closed doors at the back of The SingStar Rooms. Well these may well be opening sometime soon, so watch this space for more information."

Ooh, the mystery...