Xbox Live: This week's content

Sonic, BioShock and The Beatles

Here you are then; it's our weekly Xbox Live love-in, this week featuring guest stars Sonic & Knuckles and erm, the Guitar Hero 5 Street Sweeper Social Club track pack.

Marketplace is enlarged this week with two EA Sports demos (FIFA!), BioShock on Games on Demand and a tasty bit of DLC for the excellent UFC 2009 Undisputed. There are also track packs for The Beatles: Rock Band.

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Check out the full list below:

Xbox Live Arcade

Sonic & Knuckles (400 MS Points)


UFC - Downloadable Fighters (320 MS Points)
The Beatles: Rock Band - "All You Need is Love" (160 MS Points)
Guitar Hero 5 - Street Sweeper Social Club pack (440 MS points)
Rock Band - The PAX 2009 Collection (240 MS Points)

Games On Demand

BioShock (£19.99)
Civilization Revolution (North America & Germany only)


NBA Live 10